X SERIES Intelligent
Data Products

Enabling Financial Industry with Intelligent Data

Traditionally, financial institutions are short of data and intelligent risk management systems. As a result, their user verification process is slow; the decision-making is inefficient; the business faces great risk and the security supervision is difficult. ZhongAn Technology Data Intelligent Products offer services of delicacy risk management and customized modeling on the basis of massive data sources and long-term field experience. By utilizing technologies like AI, cloud and big data, the products will ensure a seamless connection to the financial institutions, realizing the integration of “finance+scenario+technology”. Thus enhancing the service of financial institutions, lowering the operational risk and enabling the financial institutions. Catering to the different technological demands of companies, the products cover all kinds of intelligent data applications and delivery methods, ranging from data interface call to deeply-joint modeling.


  • X-data
    (Information Verification)

  • X-model
    (Light Consulting on Risk
    Management& Anti-Fraud)

  • X-decision
    (Decision-making System)

  • X-flow
    (Flow Analysis Platform)

  • X-farm
    (Basic Data Platform)

  • X-brain
    (Intelligent Data Developing Platform)

  • X-man
    (User Portrait)

  • X-monitor
    (Intelligent APM)

  • X-antifraud
    (Risk management security)

  • X-nezha
    (Intelligent Customer Service)

  • X-opinion
    (Public Opinion Analysis)

  • X-security
    (Security & Surveillance Service)

Product Advantages

A portal to premium third-party data
A pool of rich data sources
Rich field experience to provide
delicacy risk management and
tailor-made modeling for customers
ZhongAn Technology R&D team is engaged in profound
exploration in intelligent data. We have built a data research
team who are invested in research including NPL, image
processing and complex transaction processing, of which the
achievements will be applied to the product field practice.


Applicable Scenarios