T series products are applications developed on the basis of Annchain, a link independently developed by ZhongAn Technology. This series is built on Anlink, the first cloud service platform of blockchain and AI ever launched in China by ZhongAn Technology. The cross-chain communication network which Annchain adopts is a new design for blockchain technology. It breaks the previous isolation of blockchain data and increases the data flow between blockchains. In this way, the data gets closer to the calculation point; the network is smoother; the calculation is more immediate and the cloud computing is powered up. The service network of blockchain technology products is comprised of chain-route, Annchain and other blockchain systems. They are transparent, decentralized, tamper-proofing, traceable and available for auto-tasking.


  • Ti-Capsule
    (Data Safety Storage)

  • Ti-Sun
    (ID Authentication)

  • Intelligent Anti-forgery

  • Ti-Packet

Applicable Scenarios

Medical and Health Care

·EMR (electronic medical record) solution
·Health insurance solution
·Medical diagnosis aid
·Medical image diagnosis aid

Security & Protection

· ID authentication based
on biometric identification


·Shared ledger
·Anti-forgery & traceability

Securities Solutions

·Equity transaction


·Insurance solution
·Banking solution
·Intelligent wealth management

Cultural Industry

·Anti-forgery and traceability of art
·Copyright registration

Sharing Economy

·Short-term rental
·Shared traveling

Government Affairs and Public Welfare




LOCKet - Data Security Service

LOCKet is an independent third-party data encryption service to solve the trust issue between the users and the cloud. With the help of Anlink, LOCKet offers safer data security service to users by employing blockchain distributed storage and encrypted algorithm to prevent the ID information and the data from being tampered or stolen and to prevent the denial of service attack so as to promote the safety of the user data.

Wopuwulian - Anti-forgery Service

Wopuwulian, set up by a team of experts in intelligent hardware, big data, mobile Internet and image recognition, is a leading provider of comprehensive intelligent anti-forgery and traceability marketing solutions in China. It provides blockchain services including company credit certification, merchandise anti-forgery information registry and transaction tracing based on the pre-sale intelligent anti-forgery service of Anlink.

Tsign - Electronic Signature Service

Based on the electronic signature service of Anlink, Tsign provides users with services covering electronic contracting, digital copyright, overall electronic business registration and authentication of electronic proof by using data registry, electronic documentation storage, safe storage, anti-forgery and traceability.

ZhongAn Insurance -
Health care Insurance Service

Health insurance is one of the most important businesses of ZhongAn Insurance. Currently there are five health care insurance products on sale. By developing and deploying intelligent contracts for the storage and management of the electronic policies, we have realized auto claim with AI, which has increased the Internet insurance safety and enhanced the user experience.