Booster of the Informatization Upgrade of Insurance Industry

From FinTech to InsurTech, Technology has brought great change to the insurance industry. By applying AI, blockchain, cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, genetic detection to the existing production and operation process, technology has successfully addressed the outstanding issues in the industry, making an improvement to the whole ecosystem.
Drawing from ZhongAn’s rich experience in InsurTech, S Series integrates the three advantages of ZhongAn Technology - platform establishment, operation empowerment and technological innovation, enabling the traditional insurance with more possibilities. To address the problems rising from sales, customer operation, product design and underwriting, we deliver products and solutions for insurance remodeling in an aim to boost the industry development.


  • New-generation Distributed
    E-commerce Platform

  • New-generation
    Agent Pass

  • New-generation
    Salesman App

  • Cloud Sharing

  • Merchant Distribution

  • Smart Tools
    and Components

  • S-cruise
    (Insurance Broker Platform)

  • S-capitaX
    (Capital Platform)

Comprehensively Boost the Development of Internet Insurance
from Three Dimensions

Platform Establishment

S series helps to construct the Internet
platform. By quickly setting up Internet
micro-core system, and platforms for sales,
sales force, dealers and social marketing,
ZhongAn Technology assists our partners in
connecting to the Internet ecosystem in a fast way.

Technological Innovation

For partners who are in seek of business innovation, we join hands with them to conduct advanced technology exploration. Through technological advancement of blockchain, AI, etc., we drive business optimization and remodeling together in seek of a growing and creative partnership.

Operation Empowerment

We offer data and technology for our partners. By exporting big data capabilities and operational solutions, we help insurance companies to enhance their abilities in product design, pricing, underwriting & claim and user operation.


Applicable Scenarios

Channel Development

·Cloud Sharing Platform
·Merchant Distribution Platform

E-commerce Sales & Marketing

·New Agent Pass
·New Salesman APP
·New Distributed E-commerce Platform

Customer Service

·Intelligent Customer Service
·Intelligent Tools & Components

Underwriting & Claim

·Cloud Computing
·Big Data