Booster of the Informatization Upgrade of Insurance Industry

We have developed an innovative service model of health care by integrating data in the industry using new technologies. Based on macro financial insurance and macro health care, we launched Health Care Insurance Service Platform for the better connection of health care and financial insurance. By connecting health care institutions and commercial insurance companies, the platform realizes data sharing inside the industry on the premise that all the information is legally authorized by its owners. It analyzes and integrates health care information and data with cutting-edge technologies including our blockchain and AI to maximize values and ensure data security. In turn, the platform provides data value for the participants throughout health care industry with an aim to drive the digital operation of the institutions and to bring brand-new health care experience powered by technology.

  • Our
  • Comprehensive data service construction Set up health care insurance service platform by
    connecting the data among hospitals, medical
    examination organizations and commercial insurance

  • Joint technological innovationSignificantly restructure the cost for insurance
    companies and innovate insurance models with the
    combination of our leading technologies including
    intelligent risk management, blockchain, big data
    analysis and AI.

  • Business process optimization boosted
    by technology
    Simplify doctor- visiting process, improve hospital
    work efficiency, optimize the diagnos is and
    treatment system in hospitals.