F-series fintech products provide our partners with five core business products on two main platforms. This series focuses on creating end-to-end solutions for our lending clients, supporting them in their business development in consumer and supply chain finance. It also helps to improve the refined operation and the incremental businesses. Ultimately, F-series addresses the outstanding problems in the industry and accelerates the entrepreneurial upgrade of the entire industry.

Four dimensions to promote
the ecological development of Fintech

Platform construction

We help partners complete credit cloud platform construction. We offer rapid establishment of credit core system, business examination and approval system, account processing system and operating platform for our partners so that they can effectively improve the construction capacity of the credit system and the transaction efficiency, reduce the operation cost and realize the standardized management, informatization and sharing of the credit business.

Fund and asset matching

We provide partners with services for scenarios, credit enhancement and fund. We help achieve the matching of fund and asset holders in an efficient way and offer trust-worthy, transparent and smart matching service for fund and asset. Building upon the basis of blockchain, all the asset data is tamper-proof, safe, reliable and transparent. By employing technologies such as big data and deep learning, we are able to realize the intelligent matching between scenarios and funds.

Operational empowerment

We emable our partners to operate better. Through big data risk management, post-loan management, intelligent marketing management, we help our partners improve their business analysis , accounting and internal management , and reduce the compliance costs with supervision technologies. In this way, they can achieve informatization, visualization and standardization in their credit business.

Technology innovation

We conduct cutting-edge technology innovation. By joining hands with our partners and doing innovations based on blockchain, cloud computing, big data and AI , we can grow together and promote our business model innovation and business optimization.