A Platform Dedicated to FinTech Training and Cooperation

ZhongAn Academy is a platform dedicated to FinTech training and cooperation. Our vision is to be the West Point and the first-class research institution in FinTech-related areas, delivering more talents to the industry. For participants and industry partners, the academy serves as a base for technological, commercial and capital communication and cooperation.

Training Value

  • Join us in our events

  • Promote resourceful

  • Build a fine networkl
    in the industry

  • Keep up with the
    latest FinTech world

Premium Courses



Big Data and Risk

Cloud Computing

Main Businesses

Technology Courses

Joint hands with a number of reputable companies in China, the academy has founded a FinTech training cooperation organization to develop a series of advanced financial technology courses, which will nurture outstanding professionals for the industry.

Social Network

The academy is actively engaged in building up the most influential FinTech expert network in China, offering a communication and cooperation ground for talents, capital, technology and projects.

Theme Activities

Senior Executive Sharing: a gathering for innovative insights, a feast for smart management
Intelligent Finance Lecture: open and public course and sharing by seasoned professionals
Intelligent Finance Talk: interview with leading experts on their unique opinions and perspectives

Business Courses

The courses consist of different modules on FinTech such as the analysis of headlines and features, the status quo and planning, the impact and trends and the scenario application and evolution.

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